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Is your weed just about to be delivered and you are thinking of tipping the driver? Well, you have made the right decision the weed delivery driver should be given a reward for his service. However, how much should be given is a serious question, let’s find an answer:

How much should you tip your weed delivery driver?

There is no rule on how much you should tip your weed delivery vancouver, it entirely depends on you. It is also not required by the law to tip the weed delivery driver under any circumstances. It all depends on you and your ability to pay. However as per a general rule whether it’s a weed delivery driver or not, you should at least pay 15% to 20% of the total price of the package as a tip to the weed delivery driver.

That’s the least you should pay if you can not afford to pay more, you should pay more as their job is tough. However, when you are hardly paying for the package, you can choose to pay less or nothing as well. ¬†As per the observation, people pay about 5% to 15% of the total price of the package.

You can determine the amount of the tip by judging the quality of the service. If the weed is delivered on time to a difficult location, you should pay up to 20% as he truly deserves it. However, when the quality of the service is poor and weed is not delivered at some far-off difficult location, it’s fine not to pay anything.

Why should you tip the weed delivery driver?

The weed delivery driver should be given a tip for a variety of reasons. However, the few major ones are given below:

  • The weed delivery drivers do not earn more than $36000 a year. It’s pretty hard to survive on a basic salary and allowances these days. Tips would improve the delivery driver’s standard of living.
  • Weed delivery is not only a difficult but a risky job as well. It is because the drivers pass through crowded and uncrowded areas carrying hundred-dollar orders. The weed delivery drivers are the target of robbers and drug dealers involved in malpractices. Since they take a great risk to deliver weed to your doorstep, better give a tip. If not 15% to 20% of the total amount, you can give less.
  • The weed delivery drivers deliver at both difficult and each-to-reach locations. No matter what they encounter on the way, the weed delivery drivers make sure you receive the package on time and in the best condition. To make up for the efforts they put into handover the package on time in the best condition, you should reward them with a tip.

It’s pretty common for waiters and food delivery guys to receive tips. However, the weed delivery same day service is hard to get rewards for. Therefore, they usually do not expect it from us. Receiving an extra amount of money as a tip would brighten up his/her day.