Red Vein Kratom: how it works, dosage, some best strains


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Red vein Kratom is a strain of kratom, it comes from the mitragyna speciosa family, and it contains 25 other alkaloids in its chemical setup. The alkaloid present in kratom makes it more useful to people. There are also different types of vein kratom strains available. They are of different colors like white and green. The different color of the alkaline is because of the different alkaline structure present in them. The color of the veins comes from the high concentration of alkaloids named hydroxy mitragynine. It will reduce any chronic pain in the body within 45 mins.

How does it work?

Well, the action of kratom on the body depends on the type of dose or the level of concentration one is consuming. Most people use red vein kratom herb, which is either for chronic pain, insomnia, or anxiety. There are some general dose and their effect on the body is mentioned below:

  • It provides the effect of analgesics, which reduces pain.
  • Small doses of this kratom will provide a mild euphoric effect while the higher dose will provide a moderate effect.
  • The normal amount of dose will help as a stress reliever
  • But when a little higher dose is taken it will act as a sedative.

One should start consuming a little dose at first if he/she is a beginner and should then add on amount watching their bodily reactions. One can visit websites like sandiegomagazine to buy kratom powder from them. It is an authentic site to get kratom online.


The dosage of kratom can be divided into parts: Low dose and high dose. The low dose of the herb act as stimulation while the high dose act as a sedative or as a painkiller. To reduce mild pain one can take 4 grams of dried kratom leaf powder, while to reduce moderate pain one can take 5-7 grams of the herb. For gaining energy and focus, one can take a little dose of 2-3 grams of the powder and for getting better sleep, one can have 5-7grams of the herb. These are suggested by experts but again then it totally depends on one’s body and lifestyle to decide how much amount one can support to consume at a time.

Best strains available

There are many red vein kratom strains that are available and it becomes very difficult to choose one out of the strain. These strains can be best taken in the form of powder. Kratom powder is available online. Some red vein strains are Asia, Bali, Borneo, Dragon, Elephant, Horn, Hulu, Indo and many more.