Online Card Games to Earn Real Money at Cardbaazi


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The Online Gaming industry in India may not be as developed as in some other countries but we’re sure to get there slowly and steadily.

Card games are very popular across the country and games like teen Patti and Indian solitaire are grabbing the attention of millions of players who want to be a part of this growing industry. What if we could tell you that these games that you enjoy playing can fetch you money and act as a source of income?

Honestly, everyone has a soft spot for the concept of earning money while having fun, and for all of those who are already having a good job, there is nothing wrong with getting a side hustle that pays handsomely if you’re good at it. That being said, today we bring to you some of the best card games that you can learn and earn money from.

  1. Indian Rummy

Probably one of the most loved card games in the country among professionals, rummy is a great game if you want to spend some time having fun and also get an opportunity to make some cash out of it. The objective of the game is simple, 13 cards are distributed among people, with the rest being in the center of the table. In order to win the game, a player needs to make three to four sets, draw cards from the center to finish their set, and ultimately scream “show” to declare their winning hand. There are many apps and websites where you can play Indian rummy and compete against other live players for a cash prize, with the game also being interesting enough that once you start playing, you will not realize how fast time goes by.

  1. Hearts

A great game for beginners, hearts is very easy to play and fairly simple to learn. The basic objective of the game is pretty straightforward, get the least number of points as possible. You start the game by getting dealt with a certain number of cards and passing cards to your opponents to get rid of all your bad cards. Each card is assigned a certain number of points with each heart being worth 1 point and the queens each being worth 13 points. The main agenda of this game is to play till you have only good cards left in your hand or the least number of points in hand. In the end, the player with the least points is declared the winner of the game.

  1. Teen-Patti

Quite possibly one of the most renowned names in the card game industry, Teen Patti has made its way to being one of the most popular card games among Indians all over the world. A classic Diwali card game, in each game, every player is dealt with three cards and the objective of the game is to hold the best hands. The game has its variations across different parts of the country but is enjoyed equally by all the players. Fun Fact- 3 Patti was derived as a variation of poker, but the game received so much popularity over the years that now it is at par with poker in terms of the number of people who play the game. Mostly considered a social game, it is played everywhere by players on multiple occasions and if played professionally, can also be a good source of income for those of you wondering.

  1. Joker Wild

Yet another fine game for all of the new players out there, Joker wild too, just like 3 Patti, is a variation of poker which is now very well known by people all over. The game is played with 53 cards and one joker, with the main motive of the game being to hold the best hands towards the end. The game is fairly simple to understand and easy to play, which is why it is famous among all of those starting with card games. So if you’re in search of an easy, light game where you can place bets and earn money, Joker Wild is the game for you.

  1. Solitaire

Of course, we would never miss the best card game of all time. Solitaire has been around for a long time now and the online version of Indian Solitaire Poker is just as fun to play as being in poker rooms physically. Holding the title of the finest card game to play, it is the most played card game out of every game we have listed above, and it is given the title for a good reason. The game is easy to understand, with the objective of the game being to hold the best hand possible out of the two cards you are dealt with, and the five community cards on the table. What makes Solitaire interesting is that the game is a great way to earn a good sum of money in a hassle-free manner. All you have to do is log in to a poker site and start playing. Every time you win, you get the prize money which was pooled by all of the other players. Real money Solitaire in India is also available on multiple platforms both online on your browser and on applications that users can download. There are also a ton of Solitaire variations that you can play based on your interest and skill set, and the game never allows you to get bored. 


The Tash game mentioned above is only a few of the wide plethora of games available online to earn money. Games like Indian Poker, Rummy, and 3-Patti are extremely popular among the Indian gaming community and hence, they have made it to this list. We hope that we were able to help our readers to understand how an activity as fun and simple as playing online card games can be a source of income if you’re a skilled player. Practice your game regularly and you will be dominating every one of the poker rooms you play in and making a good amount of money from the wins.