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Exactly how does one use a gravity bong?

Gravity bongs

Two plastic water bottles, or one water bottle and a bucket, are the usual components of a gravity bong. Their basic principles of action include the use of gravity, water displacement and air pressure to draw smoke from the cannabis and drive it into your lungs. Smoke is allowed to accumulate in a gravity bong before it is inhaled. In contrast, with a conventional bong, you have to light the cannabis and then inhale it all at once. The accumulated smoke might quickly exceed the amount of a typical bong dosage, making for an intense smoking experience and perhaps a more potent high. Stoners developed ingenious and convenient ways to get high despite the illegality of cannabis at the time. To this day, nothing is known about the origin of gravity bongs, but the fact that they exist at all demonstrates that stoners found creative methods to indulge their drug of choice even during the ban’s strictest days.

Gravity bongs are more effective

The remarkable efficiency of the Gravity bongs is due in part to the size of the hit it delivers. If utilised properly, each bowl pack should supply the user with one “monster hit,” which is far stronger than the impact they would get from a regular bowl. If you just have access to a glass bowl that will do. If you don’t have any other metal foil on hand, tin foil may serve as a temporary bowl for your gravity bong. Alternatively, you might use a socket.

Assembly of the Bong

Remove and put aside anywhere from a quarter to half of the bottle bottom from the 16 ounce bottle. Because there will be more room for smoke in a larger container, the hit will be more substantial. Take off the lid from your 2 litre plastic storage container. You should poke or cut a hole in the plastic cap. You want the hole to be around the size of the ring finger on your dominant hand so that air can flow through it.

Lightening up the bong or pipe

To use the bowl, place your marijuana caps inside the Gravity bongs. Submerge the smaller bottle entirely, but be sure to keep 2 inches of it above water. Remember to replace the bottle’s cap-bowl carefully. Use a lighter or a hemp wick to ignite the cannabis. Either one is acceptable in this context. Carefully take the little container out of the water, and let the smoke fill it up while it burns. The bottle should be kept in water at a depth of 0.5 inches to 1 inch at all times. The smoke will go out if you take the bottle out of the water entirely.