Does Vaping Help When Quitting Smoking


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Vaping or having electric cigarettes are the alternatives to smoking cigarettes. It is becoming very much popular nowadays. People are aware of the risks of cancer and lung diseases accompanying smoking. So they are switching to electric cigarettes that are battery-driven.

Now the question is how these two are related. How can vape help someone to quit smoking? The answer is no. Vaping is not FDA-certified quit aid due to several reasons. So, let us peek into the article directly to know further.

What Are Vapes?

Before discussing anything about vapes, we need to understand what vapes are and how is it connected to smoking. Vaping devices contain nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals used to inhale the aerosol.

It is just like tobacco cigarettes but does not need any flame to light up. The major difference between vapes and tobacco cigarettes is vapes work in atomization theory, whereas tobacco cigarettes work in combustion theory.

Are Vapes Safe?

People often consider vaping a good alternative to tobacco smoking, but it is not also completely safe, as said by experts from Lou Square. It has a lot of bad side effects on the human body.

Repeated vaping can cause harm to the heart and lungs severely. Sometimes, lung injury can turn fatal and leads to lung cancer often. An E-cigarette contains nicotine and is not even safe for pregnant women as it can affect the development of a fetus.

Is E-cigarettes Less Harmful Than The Traditional Ones?

Here, the answer is yes, as the research suggested. But anyhow, vapes also contain nicotine which is the main addictive material. In addition, the vapor generated in e-cigarettes also contains carcinogenic materials and exposes the lungs to certain harmful chemicals. Still, the effect on the body is less compared to that of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Should People Switch to Vaping If They Wish to Quit Smoking?

Research shows that vaping may be a less harmful option but is not completely safe. It can cause damage to health and affect well-being. Vaping contains nicotine which is the main cause of tobacco addiction.

So, experts from Lou Square opined that it is not as helpful to people who want to quit smoking. Because, with e-cigarettes, nicotine addiction can not be eliminated. In a worst-case scenario, nicotine addiction from vaping can end up an addiction to other harmful drugs.

To date, we know much less about the pros and cons. Whatever we are stating is based on studies and surveys. More research needs to go on to know the actual facts in detail. Hopefully, the results obtained from various research will tell us the actual connection between vaping and quitting tobacco.

Besides, FDA has already approved multiple projects regarding this. Then the total conception of e-cigarettes will be changed.

Bottom Line

We hope this article helped make you understand that e-cigarettes yet not have a good connection to cigarette cessation. E-cigarettes are definitely an alternative to smoking but not a healthy one. For further information regarding this, feel free to contact Lou Square.